Best Iranian souvenirs and handicrafts

924 Saturday, Nov 27, 2021

When you travel to a country, besides the experiences of exploring all new culture and attractions, you want to take something with yourself from there, maybe a piece of that memories, a souvenir or handicraft can be a goof memorable thing for you.

Every corner of Iran has unique souvenirs and handicrafts and specialties that have become souvenirs of our country. But which kind of handicrafts are popular among foreign tourists? Have you ever been to somewhere and get stuck in buying souvenirs and you cannot choose?

Experiences are the only things that remain from an unforgettable trip for you. but it will be great if you could bring something with yourself that every time you look at it, remember your travel memories. Iranian souvenirs and handicrafts are one of these things that you can bring to your home.
The most famous Iranian souvenirs and handicrafts, which are usually purchased by foreign tourists, are artistic crafts that are made with the passion and creativity of their creators. Just walk in one of the historic markets of Iran to face up to hundreds of unique souvenirs.
Here is a list of the best and most popular Iranian souvenirs and handicrafts that have really important place in Iran tourism. Souvenirs that foreign tourists usually buy from Iran during their travels and take them to their country as a memorial.

Iranian carpet
According to the survey, the first carpet in the world is Persian rugs. This carpet was woven in 1949. It was discovered by a group of Russian archaeologists in excavations in the Southern Siberian Altai region in the same valley named Pazirik.
One of the main reasons why Persian carpet in the world is more attention, one of the main reasons why Persian carpet is known worldwide is that it has a high color variation than other countries, and the yarn used in has the best quality. There is also a special artistic artwork, and the colors look alive and natural. And finally, the beautiful and special design of these carpet attracts many tourists.
The value of Persian carpets is not only due to their fibers, but also the density and number of nodes per unit area.
The density of each carpet varies from 40 to 144 knots per square centimeter, and the smaller the number of nodes, the carpet has a weaker shape. The visit to the carpet shops, which is full of beautiful colors, is similar to Iran tourism places.

Vitreous enamel
Enamel dishes are one of the most beautiful handicrafts in Iran, mostly produced in Isfahan but you can buy from other cities like Iran. 
Enamel designs are copper dishes that decorate their surface with all the best of designs with birds or miniature flowers. The color of Enamel dishes are usually blue, but the green and red colors are also found on the market. Pots, plates, cups and other ornaments made of enamel can be bought on the market of handicrafts.

Khatam-Kari is one of the most famous wooden handicrafts in Iran. Artisans of the Khatam-Kari create phenomena by combining wood, metal, and bone. These khatam-Kari handicrafts usually include jewelry boxes, photo frames, backgammon … they are beautifully designed.
Foreign tourists often buy khatam-Kari dishes as Iran souvenirs and gifts for their friends and family. You need to be careful to recognize the originality and counterfeiting of the khatam-Kari dishes.

Crockery Dishes
After visiting the Museum of Ancient Iran, tourists find the importance and old dating of pottery in Iran. Many of them, after leaving the museum, ask their tour guides to buy a shopping mall to buy earthenware!
Cities like Laljin Hamedan, Meybod and Natanz are among the most famous cities in the pottery industry. But at some of the traditional shopping centers in Tehran, you can also buy these pottery dishes.
Pottery is one of the most popular souvenirs in Iran.

Turquoise is one of the most valuable decorative stones among the precious stones found only in certain parts of the world including Iran. Neyshabour city in northeastern Iran is famous not only for its wise Omar Khayyam but also for the best turquoise rock in the world.
The turquoise mines of this city are beautifully decorated and used in different shapes in jewelry.
These turquoise are also closed on copper plates, and make one of the most unique souvenirs in Iran for tourists.

Iran Traditional Costumes
In all parts of Iran, women and men wear beautiful, handmade and colorful traditional clothes that are woven from expensive handmade fabrics of cotton, wool, linen and so on.
Although the people who wear local clothing are very low these days. But still, in some Iranian cities such as Kurdistan, Kashan, northern cities, Lorestan and Bakhtiari tribes, women and men wear local uniforms.

Saffron is one of the most famous and most expensive souvenirs in Iran and the world's spices. Although saffron is planted in countries like India, the United States, Spain, Italy and some North African countries, the saffron of Iran has good value among other saffron. Due to the high value of saffron, they also have been nicknamed "red gold".
Saffron is a seasoning and colorant of food. Saffron reduces fat and cholesterol in the blood. Saffron is a sedative, appetite, antispasmodic, anti-cardiac and cancer enhancer, memory enhancer and low blood pressure. Saffron is used to treating asthma, skin diseases, eye diseases, urinary tract infections, jaundice, menstrual bleeding, abdominal distension, stomach pain, and anemia treatment.
Sweets, Nuts & Spices
Iranian sweets and nuts are very famous among tourists who interested in food in the world! Many of them go to Qom to buy the best kind of Sohan or go to Isfahan to buy the best quality Gaz.
Nuts, and especially Iranian pistachios, have a lot of fans among foreigners.
By traveling to any city in Iran you can enjoy the most delicious foods. We recommend to tourists that you do not miss the special taste of sweets such as Baklava, Nun-berenji, date palm sweets, Candy, Cake, and Cookies.
Iranian fabrics
The quality and reputation of Iranian fabrics are known globally. Geometric roles, flowers and plants, and special designs inspired by ancient Iran attract the attention of every foreign tourist. This world holds thousands of colors and each corner has a different face.
Terme is one of the most exquisite Iranian fabrics known for its special design that in Persian they call it “Bote-jeqe”. The very delicate fibers make up the wrists of this handmade texture, and various colors are found in the world of handicrafts.
Cashmere is produced in several cities, but its name is further linked to Yazd, and the best quality is woven in the city. This product was used in the past for rich people and aristocratic, curtains and clothes, and today it is used as a cloth of furniture, back and table-cover, and so on.
In the past, they used to hand over Terme and called it "fingerprints"; but now it is semi-handmade, and all of this fabric is known as Terme.

Patteh fabric
Exquisite fabrics and a variety of handmade instruments in Iran, among which Pate is one of the most valued and most beautiful handmade and needle fabrics.
Many tourists and foreign tourists who travel to Kerman, after visiting Ganjali Khan's market, cannot resist the temptation to buy these fabrics. Painted fabrics are available in designs, colors, sizes, and different uses.
Pate fabrics are available in sizes ranging from very small to very large, and you can choose anyone according to your needs. If you have traveled to Kerman, we would suggest buying this traditional fabric.

Wicker Handicrafts
All handicrafts that are made of woven thin-walled products are called wicker handicrafts.
They make a lot of things with the mat. All kinds of small baskets, bags, hats, pillows, and bracelets. You can buy these wicker handicrafts in the northern cities of Iran or some shops in Tehran.

Herbal Distillates
Each city in Iran has special herbal distillates, each of them is useful for the treatment of a particular illness.
Iranian herbal distillates
  • Thyme distillate: calmative- Anti-colds - Gastric tincture - Treating skin fungal diseases - Anti-inflammatory.
  • Orange blossom distillate: Neuromuscular Enhancer - Enhancing the Heart
  • Willow distillate: Heart strengthen Eliminating Neurological Disorders - Anti-Throat Heart
  • Fennel distillate: Aromatherapy - Stimulant - Windbreaker - Moderate - Heart and Gout - Breastfeeding Moms