Parks and Gardens in Iran

929 Saturday, Jul 04, 2020

Iran is a beautiful country: unique nature, historical attractions, and rich history attract tourists from around the world.

Travel to Iran must be planned in advance, because you will not have enough time to visit all the sights. During a trip it is worth to visit several interesting parks in a.

Parks and Gardens in Iran: Park Laleh, Tehran
Laleh park is the most popular in Tehran, it is located in the heart of the city. It is an oasis, a small island with flowers, trees, a fountain and beautiful views of the mountains. The park is ideal for family vacations and walks; it is divided into areas for walking, picnic, playgrounds and etc.
In the north-western side of the park there is a carpet museum, and in the west side there is a Museum of Contemporary Art.
Parks and Gardens in Iran: The palace complex Saadabad, Tehran
The palace complex Saadabad once was the residence of the Pahlavi dynasty. Park complex is located in the north of the capital. The park has a beautiful view of the mountains Darband and Tochal. The palace complex includes several museums and buildings with unique architecture. The territory covers 110 hectares, and a walk around the park can take a long time.
Each building of the complex is considered the cultural heritage of Tehran and Iran. The palace complex was the summer residence during the Qajar dynasty in the early 20th century. Saadabad  is located in the elite district of the city, Shemiran, on the slope of Mount Elbrus, where the most of the embassies and penthouses of Shahs are located.
The palace and the pavilions are open for visits. Here are the Museum of Fine Arts, Water Museum, War Museum and etc.
Parks and Gardens in Iran: Mellat Park, Tehran
Mellat is another popular park in Tehran, which impresses with its size and beauty. The park is located along the longest street in the capital, Valiasr. Mellat Park is not just a green recreation area in the city, it’s a great avenue with sculptures of contemporary art. Pond next to the park is a favorite place for Iranians that love to spend weekends with families on the banks of the pond.
Recently a new large cinema with 4 halls, as well as attractions and special areas for a variety of exhibitions and events was opened in the southwest of the park.
Parks and Gardens in Iran: Eram Garden, Shiraz
Eram garden was called the Garden of Eden in the 18th century. Garden was decorated for Shahs, but today everyone can enjoy the beauty of the park. Eram covers an area of 110,000 square meters and is divided into four parts. For its beauty and history the garden is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as one of the Persian gardens. From a distance, the garden looks like a green oasis on the background of desert mountains. The park is famous for the variety of flora; flower beds and trees are well maintained. The pearl of the garden is Naranzhestan palace. The palace has a semi-circular roof and columns and cornices of the palace are decorated with colorful mosaics.
Parks and Gardens in Iran: Chitgar park, Tehran
A huge forest park is located on the shore of the lake, in the north-west of the capital. The quay of the lake is perfect for an evening stroll and relax. The park is famous for its artificial forest with separate zones and areas for sports and skateboarding. There are also separate bike paths in the park.
Parks and gardens in Iran: Park Ab o – Atasch, Tehran
The park’s name means “the park of water and fire”, and there is a particular reason for it. There are high columns of fire, the lights of which reach up to 8 meters and singing Fountain surrounded by fire colums, and every evening there is organized fantastic show of fire and water. The park is located in the north of Tehran. The largest pedestrian bridge Tabiat leads to the park.