Cycling in Iran

Wednesday, Aug 03, 2022

Active sports are a new trend in tourism. Action, adrenaline, the conquest of the peaks – all these attract the modern generation.

The natural features of Iran are ideal for all types of active tourism like trekking, camping, climbing, rafting, safaris, cycling, paragliding, scuba diving and much more. This time we’d like to present the best directions for cycling. You will have a chance to see Iran from a completely different point of view.
Cycling in Iran: Jangal-e Abr (Cloudy forest)
A walk in a forest is a mysterious journey through thick clouds. The territory of the forest almost all year round is covered with thick clouds, and only the tops of the trees look out of the clouds. Dense forest borders with Khar Turan National park. From Jangal-e Abr you get to the semi-arid Khar Turan. Such a variety is simply amazing.
Cycling in Iran: Lar National Park
One of the most popular areas for trekking, camping and cycling is the Lar National Park at the foot of Mount Demavend. The reserve is beautiful in spring; the weather is ideal for day walks. Cycling up the high hills will be a bit challenging, but the view from the high points to the plain is worth the effort.
Cycling in Iran: the Maranjab Desert
In the desert, you can take not only an off-road safari and conquer the dunes, but also meet one of the most beautiful sunsets while cycling. One of the most beautiful deserts in Iran is the Maranjab desert, 60 km from Kashan, Isfahan. The desert is famous for the highest dunes (up to 70 meters), it is rich in flora and fauna. The best landscapes are the salt lake Khoze Soltan, the medieval caravanserai and endless dunes.
Cycling in Iran: Kurdistan Province
Kurdistan Province is considered one of the most picturesque corners of Iran. Cycling through Western Kurdistan will be one of the most vivid impressions of your trip. Amazing landscapes of the Zagros mountains, villages on steep slopes, a climb on the slopes will be difficult, yet it will be one of the best challenges in Iran.
Cycling in Iran: Kish Island
Kish Island is the most popular resort among locals and tourists. Kish is located in the north-east of the Persian Gulf. Coral reefs, golden beaches, historical monuments and simply beautiful nature of a small island are ideal for diving, paragliding, trekking and, of course, cycling. On the territory there is a bike path that covers the entire island. Walking along the coast at dawn or dusk will be one of the best moments of the trip.
Cycling in Iran: Qeshm Island
The island of Qeshm is less popular among guests as a tourist destination, but it is definitely worth visiting for its natural beauty. The island is the largest in the bay, but it can also be explored completely by bike. On the island of Qeshm you will find breathtaking views of the caves, walk through mangrove forests and beaches, visit the Valley of the Stars and see a herd of camels.
Cycling in Iran: Caspian sea coast
The trip along the coast of the Caspian Sea starts in the border of Iran and Azerbaijan and continues along the coast for 750 kilometers. Cycling will give you complete freedom: you can stop and explore the territory, admire the Caspian Sea and the view of Mount Elbrus and get acquainted with the traditions and way of life of the local people.
The next destination on the trip along the Caspian coast will be a bike ride in the forest of Gisum. The forest is considered the most beautiful and secluded places in Iran. Here you can fully surrender to nature and get a lot of positive emotions. The walk can be completed with a swim in the Caspian Sea and romantic sunset on the shore.